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A Q&A with Doris Lee, Graduate Consultant, Auckland

07th July 2021

Author Doris Lee

Name: Doris Lee

Role: Consultant, Auckland

When joined Davanti: November 2020

Doris Lee

I first joined Davanti as an intern in November 2020 as part of my masters degree. I completed the internship and my degree in February 2021, and then joined as a grad in March 2021.


Where/what did you study?

I did my Master of Information Technology at the University of Auckland.


Why did you want to join Davanti’s graduate programme?

I decided to join Davanti’s graduate programme because of its great team culture and the opportunities to work on the most exciting and challenging projects in New Zealand. I had an amazing internship experience with Davanti and enjoyed being surrounded by people with a wealth of experience who are keen to share their knowledge and answer all my questions. Davanti has a strong team with an incredible level of technical and commercial expertise, making it highly competent in designing and building the most complex technical solutions. It also has a proven track record in delivering some of the largest scale Salesforce solutions in New Zealand.


Tell us about your experience as a Davanti grad. How’s your experience been so far?

The central part of my role involves working with enterprise clients to achieve their business goals by operating more efficiently through technology. I am often based out of clients’ offices, making it easier to work with them to build and deliver technology solutions.

I particularly appreciate the opportunity to work with a truly diverse and inclusive team. The people of Davanti are from so many different backgrounds and walks of life, and I am looking forward to learning from them all, expanding my horizons and looking at things from multiple perspectives.


Biggest learning to date?

Before joining Davanti, most of my experience has been in software development and project management. I have never worked on code releases. As a fair bit of the work I am now involved in is DevOps, I learned a lot about automation and integration. Having to support deployments has helped me better understand how our work will integrate, and how I can reduce re-work by ensuring my build will not fail in the CI/CD pipelines.


Most fun project or experience?

My first production launch is definitely the most exciting experience! Seeing what I built going into production after months of hard work was incredibly rewarding. Our teamwork brings transformation to our clients’ business processes that will help New Zealanders in their daily lives. I am glad that my work ultimately creates a positive impact on society.


Best part of your role?

The best part about consulting is that I can solve problems in another industry while working in the IT industry. It allows me to grow my breadth of knowledge in other sectors and depth in my specialised discipline at the same time. This experience gives me the privilege to pick up a lot of skills and develop myself as an all-rounded professional.

The best thing about working in Davanti is the collaborative environment in which I am encouraged to contribute as much as I can, and the team has always got my back when I need it.


Can you describe a *typical* day in the life of a Davanti grad – from your experience (in less than 100 words?!)

I start the day by going through my emails and all the communication channels e.g. Teams, Skype, Slack. This helps me prioritise my tasks for the day and prepares for meetings that I have. I will then check if the CI/CD pipelines are running smoothly and troubleshoot any issues. After that, I attend my team’s stand-up meeting to learn the current progress of every team member and address any blockers that prevent us from performing the tasks at hand. We work collaboratively with our clients to refine the design throughout the process. At the end of each sprint, we showcase our work and gather feedback on what we have completed.


In no more than 10 words, how would you describe your Davanti grad experience? 

Fun, exciting, challenging, rewarding, evolving, friendly, supportive, collaborative, diverse, inclusive


Knowing what you know now, if you could travel back in time and talk to your pre-grad self before you applied to Davanti’s graduate programme and joined Davanti as a grad, what advice or tips would you give yourself?

Make the most out of your university experience and have fun! I would have liked to join more extracurricular activities, explore New Zealand as much as I can and meet people from all walks of life. As a consulting role draws on both the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, trying out different things could help broaden my horizons and be better prepared to apply my skills in other industries.


What other tips, advice or insights would you give to grads looking to join Davanti through its upcoming graduate programme intake?

Grades are not everything. Acquiring experiences and soft skills through extracurricular activities, work experience or voluntary work are equally important.


What do you get up to in your spare time?

I enjoy playing volleyball in my free time, preferably on the beach if the weather permits. Being the first time ‘living on the ground’ (I have always been living in apartments), I recently started planting flowers to make my garden beautiful, learning to recognise a plant over a weed and making all the beginner’s mistakes. I also like trying out recipes at home – my favourite dish is shepherd’s pie with different mixes of potato, kumara, vegetables and mince.


You can find out more about Davanti’s graduate recruitment programme and apply here.