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A Q&A with Georgia Limacher, Graduate Consultant, Wellington

05th July 2021

Author Georgia Limacher

Name: Georgia Limacher

Role: Consultant, Business Applications, Wellington

When joined Davanti: 16 February 2021

Where/what did you study?

Marketing and Politics, Bachelor of Commerce, at Victoria University


Why did you want to join Davanti’s graduate programme?

When I first started looking at graduate positions I was quite narrow-minded and limited myself to what I’d learned at university. I’m super grateful now that I broadened my view along the way!

I applied with Davanti because I really liked what they were saying about the importance of being user-centric, and I wanted the opportunity to discover more about customers and clients and really get to know people – and being able to solve problems really appealed to me. The problem solving was definitely a big thing for me.

Although I’m not working in marketing, what I do now still draws on a lot of my university experience – it’s all about taking customers on a journey, getting to know them and making their experience the best it can be.

I loved the fact that the Davanti grad programme was very open in terms of the range of opportunities available, and that’s something that I have definitely experienced already. Even in the four months I’ve been with Davanti, I’ve been exposed to lots of different clients, problems to solve, different techniques and a whole lot of different people that I’m working with internally as well.


Tell us about your experience as a Davanti grad so far?

I’m really enjoying myself – there are lots of challenges and I’m learning lots every day. In my role as a Consultant in the Business Applications team, I work with Salesforce and I’ve also had the chance to work cross-functionally in the discovery, design and user experience space as well.

Being part of the grad programme has given me a great opportunity to learn without the pressure of going into something that I’m not an expert in straight away. It’s also a great chance to create the path you want to go in. What surprised me when I started was realising that the path isn’t a linear process; it’s definitely more horizontal.


Biggest learning to date?

After doing my first project I kicked myself and said, I could have done that better and next time I do this I’ll do it really differently. But I think that’ also one of the most important learnings I’ve had so far, and when I talked to some of the senior people here they said, Don’t worry, that feeling never goes away. Every time you do something you’ll learn different and better ways to do things and that’s how you’ll keep getting better and better.

The biggest challenge has been getting my head around so many different ways of doing things and converting lots of information into a solution.


Best part of your role?

I love being able to decide my own path. I’m fulfilling a role which is laid out, but I can take that in lots of different directions and use my personality and skillset to complement that, rather than being stuck in a box.

With nine years of hospitality experience before this, I’m personally definitely drawn to the people side of things. I love the technology and the people, but what I love about Davanti is that while it’s a technology consulting firm, everything is all about knowing the customer.

I want to get to know customers, get to know people and be able to design the best solution, no matter what that is.


Most fun thing so far?

I love the fact that as soon as you get given a new task, you get the opportunity to work with new people and get to know them straight away, both professionally and personally. I love the personal element.

Recently we had an expert in, as part of our Maori cultural capability training, which is the starting point for Davanti’s journey to becoming more culturally capable. It was awesome as a team to really show a bit of vulnerability in not knowing, and that was okay. It was a super safe space. That’s been a highlight for me. The woman who ran it was so knowledgeable and was great at bringing our team together. It was cool to see the different skills that everyone could bring to the journey.


Describe a *typical* day in the life of a Davanti grad – from your experience (in less than 100 words?!)

I talk to my team. Learn some new approaches and concepts. Understand a process. Get to know our people.


In no more than 10 words, how would you describe your Davanti grad experience? 

Fast-paced. Challenging. Insightful. Very opportunistic.


Knowing what you know now, if you could travel back in time and talk to your pre-grad self before you applied to Davanti’s graduate programme/joined Davanti as a grad, what advice or tips would you give yourself?

There’s a lot of life experience and knowledge gained through university that you can apply here, and you can do lots of different things. I’d say don’t limit yourself, and be open-minded to the different opportunities that can come your way. Because if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have ended up here.


What other tips, advice or insights would you give to grads looking to join Davanti through its upcoming graduate programme intake?

Don’t be scared to throw yourself into it and grow your own experiences. You are your best advocate – back yourself and you’ll learn along the way in a really supportive environment.


What do you get up to in your spare time?

Coming from a restaurant hospitality background, I’m a big restaurant fanatic, I must say. I play lots of netball, go skiing, hang out with my dog – that’s pretty much me.

You can find out more about Davanti’s graduate recruitment programme and apply here.