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Celebrating the launch of Aotearoa’s first Circular Economy Directory

19th April 2022

Author Anita Hedges

Forging connections and making change for a circular economy and New Zealand’s sustainable future:

Celebrating the launch of Aotearoa’s first Circular Economy Directory featuring Davanti’s Net Zero Now sustainability offering

This week, the Sustainable Business Network launched its first-of-a-kind Circular Economy Directory, a business-to-business directory dedicated to creating a circular economy in Aotearoa.

It was amazing to see more than 100 products and services on offer within the directory on day one – with mention of many more innovative offerings to join the directory soon.

The occasion was commemorated by an online launch featuring inspiring stories and real-life case studies from Toby Skilton (founder and director of Mutu Xchange, an online platform that helps organisations share and manage under-used resources), Rui Paul (co-founder and Managing Director of Critical, which recycles plastic waste into construction panels and homeware), Ingrid Cronin-Knight (Waste Management’s GM, Strategy, Customer & Sustainability) and Joe Youssef (Chief Encourager at All Heart NZ, an enterprise of hope that specialises in corporate sustainability and community support).

As Minister James Shaw observed in his opening greeting, with the sentiment strongly reflected by all speakers, no one person or company alone can make the change we need to see for our future: what’s required is a collective – and connected – effort, with all of these efforts together making a cumulative positive impact.

With the Circular Economy Directory now live, organisations now have one place where they can find the products, services and support needed to go circular, and the ability to see in action what “meaningful, ambitious and lasting” climate action can look like.

“The window of opportunity to clean up our act, cut our emissions and limit global warming is vanishingly small,” Minister Shaw reminded us, “but it is still there for the taking. Whether or not we seize that remaining chance comes down to the actions taken and changes made by a great many people and businesses. These changes, over time, will add up to a cleaner, better future.”

Having recently completed the Sustainable Business Network’s Sustainable Procurement Activator course, the importance of a resource like the Circular Economy Directory to help organisations find other organisations that can help them achieve their sustainability mission became very clear to me. It’s fantastic to have this resource now available – thank you to the Sustainable Business Network and its supporting partners for making this possible.

The Sustainable Business Network has provided immense guidance and support, along with tremendous resources and training, that have helped both me personally and Davanti and dentsu Aotearoa as we have charted the start of our sustainability journey and ongoing commitment (I’ve reflected on our journey to date – and the role the Sustainable Business Network has played along the way so far – here and here).

We are incredibly grateful for the SBN’s support and knowledge, and I encourage organisations to also make use of their expertise – and now the Circular Economy Directory. It’s an exciting and important step towards our circular future, giving businesses a place where they can forge the connections and find the resources needed to take real action and make meaningful, lasting change.


Towards a net zero New Zealand with Net Zero Now

It’s really exciting for Davanti and dentsu Aotearoa to have our Net Zero Now offering, using Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud, listed in the Circular Economy Directory and to be a part of the launch.

Over the past 12 months, we have been on our own sustainability journey and have implemented Net Zero Now for dentsu Aotearoa to help dentsu move faster towards its net zero goals, and the solution is already making a tangible impact – although the journey has really only just begun (you can read the dentsu Aotearoa Net Zero Now story here). It was also awesome to see the announcement earlier this month that Dentsu International will roll out Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud globally, the first global advertising agency network to implement Net Zero Cloud to accelerate its path to net zero.


But what is Net Zero Now, and how can it help New Zealand organisations move faster towards their sustainability goals and their commitment to a circular economy?

Net Zero Now is a 360° solution that is dedicated to supporting businesses to become carbon zero faster, using smart analytics and predictive technology that empowers businesses to manage environmental risks and opportunities, implementing enterprise-level net zero analytical solutions and strategies.

While smart technology is a big part of the picture, it’s not simply a technical assignment. Our consultants won’t just deploy a solution for you; they will partner with you to guide your business through the entire journey. We offer an end-to-end net zero cloud service, covering strategy, deployment, analysis, and action.

We help your business to identify your existing emissions and their costs, both now and in the future. This information is presented in an executive-ready dashboard populated in real time based on energy and consumption data. Using this information, we then work with your business to identify areas for improvement, with a mindset to reduce and reuse before recycling.

It’s not a one-and-done engagement, either: we embed these goals into your business operating model so that your organisation can strive to be a force for good as you implement your plan to reach net zero.

I’m really excited to be able to bring this offer to New Zealand organisations to help them make the important steps needed in becoming net zero. As a recently announced official Salesforce licence reseller, it’s also great to be able to work with customers directly at every step of their transformation journey.

Our CEO John Bessey says, “As an organisation on a dedicated sustainability journey ourselves, we have been really pleased to see the impact that Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud is already having on our own business, and to now be working with customers to help them on their own sustainability journeys, with both the tools, advice and support needed to help them think differently about how they meet their sustainability challenges and find new opportunities amongst them.

We care deeply about the impact that we can help our customers make and playing a role in transforming Aotearoa through connected – and circular – experiences, and it is exciting to be bringing our Net Zero Now offering to New Zealand organisations alongside many other transformational solutions and services in the new Circular Economy Directory.”

If you’d like to know more about Net Zero Now and how Davanti can help you to lead the way in your sustainability journey, we’d love to talk. Please get in touch by emailing us at hello@davanti.co.nz.


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