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Clicks versus Code – The Ultimate Showdown (webinar on demand)

25th June 2020

Author John Bessey

Clicks not codelow-code or no-code have become mantras at Davanti over the last five to ten years, and it’s a principle we’re seeing increasingly adopted by our customers with great results. But, as we know – no rule is absolute.

What’s the case for clicks? What’s the case for code? When should you use either? And where’s the cross-over?

In our webinar Clicks versus Code – the Ultimate Showdown, we put clicks (represented by Junaya Raika in the blue corner) and code (represented by David Norman in the red corner) in the metaphorical ring to fight it out to see which one would deal the knock-out blow…

The showdown certainly provided the fireworks we were expecting.

If you missed the event, you can view it here.

We’re pleased to report that David and Junaya are both recovering well after the match and are still on speaking terms, despite clicks being the ultimate winner on the day (with the recognition, of course, that there is a valid case for both clicks and code and that both can happily co-exist).

If you have any questions, please just drop us a line – we’re always keen to continue the debate! Email us at


John Bessey is Davanti’s CEO, focused on helping Davanti’s clients and people achieve their goals. When he’s not helping organisations get closer to their customers, John dedicates his time to football and fitness and providing a private Uber service to three very busy children.

John Bessey