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Join us for the ultimate Clicks versus Code showdown: Davanti Dial-In webinar

09th June 2020

Author John Bessey

Click here to register for the Davanti Dial-In webinar: Clicks versus Code – The Ultimate Showdown here.

Thursday 25 June, 4 – 4.45pm

Clicks not code, low-code or no-code have become mantras at Davanti over the last five to ten years, and it’s a principle we’re seeing increasingly adopted by our customers with great results. But, as we know – no rule is absolute.

What’s the case for clicks? What’s the case for code? When should you use either? Where’s the cross-over?

And… if we put clicks and code in a metaphorical ring to fight it out – which one would deal the knock-out blow?

Junaya Raika, Davanti Senior Manager and Salesforce Functional Lead, tackled the subject head on in her excellent blog To code or not to code, which generated a lot of healthy debate and got us thinking…

… What if we took things to the next level and put the age-old Clicks versus Code debate to the test, pitting two of our most esteemed Salesforce gurus, Junaya Raika and David Norman, against each other – Junaya, one of our functional leads (arguing the case for clicks, and David, one of our technical leads (arguing the case for code) – to see who triumphed on the day…?

The result of this thought experiment is this webinar, to be held on Thursday 25 June, 4 – 4.45pm, and you’re invited. You can grab your ringside spot right here.


The detail

Across four fast-paced rounds, our opponents will look at where clicks or code reign supreme in two important aspects of software development:

  1. Business process automation: The use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced – ​helping to achieve cost minimisation, greater efficiency and streamlined processes​.
  2. The user interface: The space where interactions between humans and machines occur – the bridge that connects businesses with end users.

In the back half of the battle we’ll up the tempo with a soapbox face-off (where Junaya and David will have two minutes each to plead their case), a quick-fire tiebreaker round and then an audience Q&A.

I’ve been seconded in as ringmaster for the showdown and look forward to weighing in on what will no doubt be a lively and interactive debate.

Register today, bring your popcorn and your questions and join us on Thursday 25 June, 4 – 45pm. Lock in the date and we look forward to seeing you there!


John Bessey is Davanti’s Chief Client Officer, focused on helping Davanti’s clients and people achieve their goals. When he’s not helping organisations get closer to their customers, John dedicates his time to football and fitness and providing a private Uber service to three very busy children.

John Bessey