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How healthy is your Salesforce environment? Book your free assessment and find out.

03rd March 2021

Author Dougal Macdiarmid

Introducing Quality Monitor, a new service from the Davanti Managed Services team to help you assess, manage and improve the security, performance, scalability and manageability of your Salesforce environment, helping you to maximise and grow your technology platform with total confidence.


We talk to Dougal Macdiarmid, Davanti’s GM Managed Services, about Davanti’s new partnership with Quality Clouds and what it means for organisations looking to understand and improve the health of their Salesforce environments.


Yesterday Davanti announced a new partnership with Quality Clouds. How did the partnership come about, and why?

As Salesforce’s platform and ecosystem becomes increasingly ubiquitous – and even more integral to many of our clients’ businesses as a result – the need for governance becomes even more critical. Ultimately, businesses need to ensure they’re safe and that their data – and their customers’ data – is secure. Quality Clouds provides a very effective way for organisations to do this.

We saw a fantastic opportunity to partner with Quality Clouds to harness this capability and make it easily consumable for our customers, and we’re really excited to be able to do this with our new service, Quality Monitor. Having an independent third party to assess and report on an organisation’s security, manageability, scalability and performance is going to become more and more important for our clients.


How does it work?

Quality Monitor gives an organisation certainty that their platform has been built to best practice. If gaps are identified, we’ll outline a clear plan for any architectural or development improvements needed.

It delivers a regular report on adherence to your Salesforce best practice, focusing on four key areas:

  • Security – how well does your environment adhere to Salesforce best practice when it comes to security performance?
  • Performance – how well does it perform?
  • Manageability – how easy is it to manage?
  • Scalability – as a platform, how scalable is it as the foundation for growth in the future?


How will the partnership and the Quality Clouds offerings help Davanti’s customers maximise their technology investments and get closer to their customers?

It goes without saying that a healthy, secure and performant Salesforce org makes life easier for an organisation’s users, which means that, ultimately, they can focus more of their time on the things that matter to their business, like engaging with their customers.

It’s also becoming more common for Salesforce platforms to be exposed directly to clients and to hold client data, for example in a community or a portal. So, in many cases, you can draw a direct line from the performance, health and security of a Salesforce platform, all the way through to the customer experience their clients receive. If the health and performance of an org is subpar, customer experience can be directly affected.

Davanti has been working closely with Quality Clouds to ensure that what we see in our clients’ Salesforce environments we can feed back into their product roadmap. We’ll help Quality Clouds develop their product and capabilities so that our clients get more out of their platform over time.


What are the key benefits?

Quality Clouds can be used for a number of different purposes, whether that’s governance, ensuring quality and transparency and monitoring security.

If you’re an IT leader, you’ll get real clarity on the quality of development from a technical perspective.

If you’re a business leader, understanding the security of your environment is becoming increasingly important, particularly as Salesforce environments are seeing greater exposure to the public through the internet.

For directors and business owners, with the intensifying scrutiny and regulation around data privacy and the security of personal information, personal liability for any breaches is a pressing concern.


How do you get started? If an organisation wants to understand the health of their Salesforce environment, what do they need to do?

To get started with a free Quality Monitor assessment, organisations can register their interest below.

We will then scan the organisation’s environment, assess and report against the selected Salesforce best practice audit criteria (there are 160 criteria in total). From there we can work with an organisation to create a plan, with regular scans, to help them improve security, performance, manageability and scalability to improve the quality and health of their Salesforce org and maximise their technology investments, now and in the future.


Want to understand the health of your Salesforce environment? To book your free health assessment, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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