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Introducing COVERED-19: Clarity for business in confusing times

22nd April 2020

Author John Bessey

Insight, innovation and practical information to help you navigate through a crisis

One of the great things about bringing Davanti and Dentsu together is the ability it gives us to think holistically about how as organisations we can be thinking about leading through COVID-19 and how we engage across the many dimensions of interaction with our customers, from brand, acquisition, media, technology and leadership.

At Davanti we pride ourselves on helping our customers get closer to their customers. What we’ve found so far through the current situation, despite the fact that we’re all working from our various bubbles, is a need to be closer to our customers than we ever have been.

In some ways it feels odd, at a time when we can’t physically connect, that actually our connection seems deeper, as we all work hard to make sure that we understand what customers and the market need right now.

COVERED-19, a piece of work we’ve just released as a group, is a great opportunity to take in thought leadership across all of these dimensions. Comprising insights, customer stories, solutions and practical innovation, the content hub has been pulled together to help provide clarity for business in confusing and changing times.


COVERED-19 content hub

As we all think about how business has changed – and will continue to change – for our customers, and what the ‘new normal’ looks like for them, there is no one that understands this better than our customers themselves. As we design for this new reality, we need to be thinking about the listening systems we all have with our customers.

Right now, one of the great things about not having any of the distractions of a café, running late or needing to find parking before a meeting, is that we can always arrive on time. We can really focus on hearing what our customers are saying and what they are telling us is changing for them.

Under Designing for the New Normal, you will see a study that we are doing where we will be talking to 400 New Zealanders every week to really listen and understand their needs and motivations in the time ahead. I am really looking forward to seeing what this study shows us.

If anything in particular stands out to you that you’d like to talk to us about, please reach out to me at


John Bessey is Davanti’s Chief Client Officer

John is focused on helping Davanti’s clients and people achieve their goals. When he’s not helping organisations get closer to their customers, John dedicates his time to football and fitness and providing a private Uber service to three very busy children.

John Bessey