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It’s the summer to get social with Social Studio….

02nd December 2020

Author Richard Brown

A Q&A with Richard Brown, Head of Marketing Services


Tell us a bit about Social Studio. What difference does it make for organisations?

Social Studio is a powerful customer engagement tool. From my perspective, it delivers three key benefits that can be broadly summarised as engagement, service management and understanding and insights.

Firstly, Social Studio gives you the ability to better engage with your customers to understand the sentiment around your brand, services and products.

You can easily see what people are saying about you, or the topics that matter to you. Plus you can get a view of what your competitors are doing or what’s happening across your sector or industry.

Secondly, it gives you the ability to better serve your customers or citizens.

Social Studio helps organisations to quickly and efficiently monitor and manage any negative sentiment expressed through social media platforms and online. This is important for a couple of reasons. Increasingly, people expect to interact with an organisation or agency online, including through social media. If complaints are happening online and your organisation is either not aware, or doesn’t respond in a timely manner, this can create lasting damage to your brand; not to mention the fact that a lack of responsiveness can exacerbate the situation for the disgruntled customer.

Thirdly, it gives you insights for proactive action and new opportunities.

Social Studio provides insights so you can take the right actions and respond proactively. It also helps to uncover topics or trends related to feedback around your products or services. For example, you might discover new opportunities in the way that you sell something, or the potential for a new product that you didn’t even know needed to exist.

You can use these insights to help you understand the types of content people are wanting and which of your existing content is connecting with your audiences. For example, you can push out a story across multiple channels and measure and compare the engagement for each. You can also draw on other parts of Marketing Cloud and Salesforce, too, so if people become known to you as they purchase from you or opt in to receive updates from you from your social engagement, this allows you to take more actions with them, such as triggering an email campaign to engage them further on a particular topic they have expressed an interest in.


Who is Social Studio for? What kind of organisations would benefit from it?

It’s a useful tool for any organisation with a social presence. It helps any organisation listen to topics that are relevant to them, for example to understand what’s important to certain people, and why. It’s particularly useful for public sector agencies with multiple Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, for example, helping to manage these, communicate and see what’s going on in a more cohesive way. And the same applies for commercial organisations.

Additionally, Social Studio is a useful selling tool, and can also help reduce digital advertising costs by better understanding the people or audiences that you should or shouldn’t be advertising to. As well as helping you understand which content resonates best with your audiences, it also helps you understand the right type of posts to push out, and what sort of engagement these get, and you can then use this to build more relevant audiences for advertising, as well.


Do you need to be a Salesforce user to implement Social Studio?

Anyone can use Social Studio. Not only that, it can be implemented in a matter of days to start delivering insights pretty quickly. And if you do happen to be an existing Salesforce user, you can start connecting it to other parts of Salesforce relatively easily, too.


Once you get started with Social Studio, how does it work?

Our implementation process for new customers getting started takes less than a week. We look at where the organisation is in their social media journey. Then the first step is starting to listen, discover and understand the relevant keywords and topics. We’ll then set up dashboards and configure the accounts and topics. Then there is some training around how to best use it, and that’s pretty much it.

After that, we might help you listen to a few competitive things as well to see what people are saying about your competition or see what areas or topics you might want to focus on. For example, you might want to set up a quarterly campaign or something along those lines to see how it all works, get familiar with it and learn how the sentiment is going with that particular campaign or across your social listening in general.

From there we might move into what the next steps might be for specific topics, looking for new trends and individual sentiments, starting to track more customer or citizen interactions and then move into the service side of things, connecting Social Studio with Service Cloud so you can start to manage service cases. You can also do things like connect Social Studio with Advertising Studio so you can boost ads or get better insights around various audiences based on interactions and engagement.


For organisations that already have various components of Customer 360/Salesforce Marketing and/or Service Clouds in play, how does Social Studio plug into and add to these?

You can draw on Social Studio insights in lots of ways. For example, you could use it to understand how a campaign is going. Or, if you are doing test and learn activities – like if you send out two variants of an email to see which one gets more engagement or converts better – in parallel you might listen to engagement and sentiment across your social channels, particularly if you are pushing out ads or other communications as part of this. It adds to things like engagement scoring and you can also trigger journeys based on insights. Social Studio is a great complement to all marketing activity.


If you’d like to know more about Social Studio or find out more about how we can help you get social, we’d love to hear from you. Please drop me a line at


​Richard Brown is Davanti’s Head of Marketing Services, focused on understanding customers’ challenges and helping them discover the art of the possible.


Richard Brown