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Questions leaders should be asking now, to prepare themselves for the future (webinar on demand)

02nd June 2020

Author Steve Ferguson

COVID-19 has disrupted how people in New Zealand work and live. As a result, it has challenged how most organisations operate – including how to deliver value to customers, and internal ‘ways of working’ which enable staff to deliver their role effectively.

Changes during lockdown have required leaders to respond quickly to ensure the organisation can continue to operate, and that staff are healthy and safe. Now that the initial change has bedded in, it’s time for organisations to shift from a mindset of surviving to one of thriving. But what does thriving look like when we don’t know what ‘normal’ is in the future?

In this webinar, Steve Ferguson and Olivia Gossage discuss three key topics for leaders:

  • Rethinking strategy – what questions do you need to explore to test and challenge your strategy and priorities to ensure they are fit-for-purpose now, and in the future?
  • Organisational alignment – how can you align your people and processes to immediate, and medium-term business goals? What capabilities do you need to deliver?
  • Leading the way – what are the specific leadership attributes required to lead through disruption?

You can watch the webinar on demand here.

If you’ve got further questions, or would like to talk more about how to prepare your organisation for the future, contact Steve or Olivia at or


Steve Ferguson is Davanti’s GM Consulting & Transformation.

Steve’s leadership style reflects his passion for people and performance and is driven by core beliefs that a strength of vision, empowered people and the creation of an energised team will always deliver great results.

Steve Ferguson