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Staying close to our customers and our people in contactless times

07th May 2020

Author Dan McBeth

Tools to help your organisation get COVID-19 Level 2 ready in days (not weeks or months…)

Introducing two ready-to-go, as-a-service apps to meet your customer, employee and compliance needs. With these apps your organisation can (1) simply and easily manage customer queue management and contact tracing and (2) monitor employee whereabouts and wellbeing.

As NZ anticipates a move to Level 2, and organisations prepare to re-enter the physical world, it seems like we will all have to adjust to a ‘new normal’. There’s one thing that’s top of mind for us all right now: How do we stay close to our customers and our people in contactless times (and ensure we all stay safe and compliant in the process)?

In conversations with our customers during lockdown, this is what they’re telling us they’re thinking about – how to balance a pressing need to comply with very real and stringent rules for contactless interaction and social distancing, while also continuing to deliver a great experience to their customers, and stay connected to their people, in new and uncharted waters.

The other thing we’re hearing loud and clear is that no one has the luxury of time. We all need to be ready to do these things – comply, communicate, connect and contact trace – right now.

This is something we’ve been thinking hard about at Davanti, and we have designed two ready-to-go as-a-service apps to help organisations meet these needs quickly, simply and inexpensively today. In the spirit of Friday night fancy dress Zoom parties, we decided to put multiple hats on to try and solve this problem – compliance, customer experience design, and speed to market.

The external constraints and time pressures put us right in our sweet spot, allowing us to quickly draw on our experience with Salesforce rapid, low-code, fast time-to-value deployments, coupled with our design-led approach which sees us solve for customer problems and deliver important outcomes quickly. Many years working with Fin Serv, Government, Utilities and Telco organisations has allowed us to swiftly navigate and respond to fluid guidelines and regulations.

It’s always been our job in life to help our customers get closer to their customers, and to get them to a solution fast – and there’s certainly no time like the present for us to help organisations to do this, and in very new ways!

We’re really excited to be able to share these apps and to help organisations get going today (or at the very least in a matter of days) with solutions that are ready to go but also highly and quickly configurable (which is, of course, the beauty of the Salesforce platform).

Already it’s been hugely rewarding to work with a number of organisations to get these solutions up and running in record time, tailoring them to specific needs quite literally on the fly. You can find out more about the two apps below. Alternatively, reach out to me here, or email us at


Queue Management and Contact Tracing app

Queue management and contact tracingWhat is it?

The Queue Management and Contact Tracing app provides a highly configurable, simple and inexpensive omnichannel platform for businesses needing to closely manage social distancing and contactless customer service, today and in the weeks and months to come.

The app gives you a real-time view of your customers in – or outside – your stores. It’s ready to go and delivered as-a-service for simple and quick management and set-up, and it also has the flexibility to be quickly customised (in a matter of minutes or hours) to meet any specific requirements you or your customers may have.

What will it give you?

It’s accessible where, when and how you and your customers need it

Recognising the differing needs of New Zealand businesses based on the customer bases they serve, the platform has been built to allow queue registration across multiple channels – Web, mobile, QR quick links and SMS.

A dashboard and reporting for meaningful insights

The at-a-glance view provides real-time visibility across all different stores and insights on incoming and outgoing foot traffic. It allows you to take any necessary actions around staff allocation and wait/service times.

It allows you to start the process of collecting key data immediately, and provides accurate time stamping for customer visits to assist with Contact Tracing efforts.

SMS-triggered alerts to help you deliver an exceptional customer experience

This solution helps your customers minimise their wait times by letting them know estimated wait times and notifying them when they are able to enter the store.

For more information:


COVID-19 Employee Management and Wellbeing App

Mobile employee managementWhat is it?

The Employee Management and Wellbeing app provides a daily status update from every employee, identifying where they are working, how they are feeling and monitoring any changes to their risk status.

Easy to use and highly configurable, this mobile solution allows your business to observe and manage physical distancing rules while also monitoring the mental health and engagement levels of your people, responding in a timely way and – ultimately – mitigating any risk to your business. The solution can be extended to track movement across multiple sites, or within sites.

What will it give you?

Clear reporting for greater visibility

The simple reporting system helps to understand trends and provides a snapshot of employee location, engagement and workforce wellbeing over time. It allows you to start the process of collecting key data immediately, take any necessary action and implement findings into future business practice.

Event triggered follow-ups for more effective communication

Automated follow-up activity sorts employees into queues for more personal interaction, which is in turn supported by automated contact via app messaging or email response. This ensures a seamless and supportive experience for employees affected by waning engagement levels or declining mental health, and mitigates the risk to your business of these things going unchecked.

For more information:


For a full online demo and discussion on how either of these apps can help your business today, please email


Dan McBeth is Davanti’s Head of Salesforce

Dan McBeth