10th May 2018

Author Sarah Smith

The latest Salesforce release makes the platform more connected, faster, and smarter. The Salesforce Summer ‘18 release is approaching and soon you'll be able to take advantage of exciting new features and functionality!

Preview the new Features in this Release

Review the release dates, so you’re aware of how and when your sandboxes will be upgraded. Having this information is crucial as the upgraded sandbox will be an opportunity to test your customisations and configured functionality on the new release. Not to mention, you’ll also get the chance to try out some of the new exciting features! You can also sign up to Pre-release Orgs with Summer ’18 already switched on.


Even with new functionality and features being introduced to the Salesforce platform, they haven’t forgotten about Sales Cloud. Improved forecasting accuracy with Einstein Forecasting. Create reports based on opportunity scores and get more control over how leads are scored. Plus, sales reps no longer have to connect their email account through Einstein Activity Capture to get Opportunity Insights, as Email Insights have been added in this release.

Einstein Forecasting

Forecasting has improved accuracy when making predictions about your opportunities based on historical data. In Lightning Experience, see Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), helpful forecasting graphs, and up-to-date metrics that are refreshed multiple times a day.

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Path for Contacts

Now that Path is available on contacts, allowing you to define and customise the stages that are important for building stronger relationships with your company’s contacts. Increase reps’ success with tips and guidance that assist at each stage of the process.

Improvements to Lead Conversion

Experience faster lead conversion with improved support for the Contacts to Multiple Accounts feature. Let sales reps add opportunities faster during lead conversion. This improvement also allows for more control over who can merge and delete leads.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ and Billing offer an end-to-end solution for creating quotes, closing deals, settling invoices, and reporting revenue. Report on bookings, generate faster orders with fewer price schedules, and navigate quote line editor fields more easily with improved tools and functionality. Deliver quotes, proposals, and contracts quickly and accurately.


Chatbots are gaining popularity across the web, and now you can utilise them within Service Cloud. Reduce your team’s workload by building Einstein Bots to manage cases. Take advantage of robust field service features like appointment management, full Lightning community support, and an optimisation tool to handle schedule disruptions.

Einstein Bots to the Rescue

Boost Service Team Productivity with Bots. Bots can handle routine and repetitive customer requests, allowing your agents to spend their time on more complex issues that are better suited for humans. Bots can support customers with requests for order status, password changes and other basic requests such as shop hour and locations.

Field Service Lightning

Field Service is continuing to expand as Salesforce continue to add more features. Add any field service object to Lightning communities to give your partners and customers visibility into the field service processes. Improvements to work types and maintenance plans boost your team’s efficiency, while enhanced filtering on service report templates helps you create polished service reports.

Service Cloud Mobile

Service Cloud is now available on mobile with all the case management features available in its own app. This allows agents to cut to the chase and close cases on the go. The app supports both Android and iOS devices.

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We’ve been eagerly waiting for this one! Report Builder has had its own lightning experience upgrade; ready and available in your org. With even more features on offer, including the ability to gain insights from multiple objects.

Lightning Report Builder

Report Builder is now generally available in Lightning. Upgraded Report Builder gives your users a powerful, intuitive tool for analysing Salesforce data. You can group, filter, and summarize records to answer business questions.

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Take the Fast Path to Business Intelligence with New Templates

On the analytics platform there are now an even wider range of templates to choose from including Quoting Analytics, Snapshot Analytics, Change Analytics, and Fundraising Analytics. Meet your data analytics needs fast without having to integrate data or build dashboards.

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Explore Data with Conversational Queries

Data queries can be created with a few common words and view answers in automatically configured charts. Conversational exploration is still beta, but you’ll see significant enhancements that make it easier to use, including parsing complex sentences.


We’ve worked a lot on communities over the last few years, and we’re excited to see the new ready-made themes in Community Builder, so you can change the look and feel of your community with a few clicks. Salesforce has expanded their support for sharing sets, now available to Customer Community Plus and Partner Community users. Add some exciting new features on feeds, such as pinning posts and closing threads.

Let Users View and Resume Paused Flows

Paused flows are now available letting your community users pause and save what they are working on and resume when it suits them. If they then chose not to complete the flow they can delete it. To take advantage of this new feature add this component to your lightning community where you can set different points within the flow where your community members can pause.

Users can Log in with Identity Verification Instead of Passwords

Logging into the community just got easier for your members, customers, and external users through passwordless login. With the ability to login with a verification code sent via email or sms as a substitute to passwords.


With privacy being brought to the forefront of the mind due to recent events and law changes around the world, Salesforce has introduced functionality to support you. Salesforce will help ensure that you understand and are complying with all regulations, where ever you or your users may be. Salesforce have published documentation that shows you how to comply with the key points across different acts and regulation.

Store Certain Data Privacy Preferences

This allows you to manage data privacy by storing it in a way that suits the preference of your customers. Again, helping you meet the regulations that have been set. This is established through a new object called “Individual”, which has standard and custom fields. These let you track, store, and manage personal data in relation to collecting, deleting, ownership and geolocation tracking.