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Taking marketing intelligence and data visualisation to the next level with Datorama

01st October 2020

Author Zamaan Shah

A Q&A with Zamaan Shah, Davanti’s Datorama Solution Architect

As Davanti formalises its partnership with Datorama, we catch up with Zamaan Shah, Datorama Solution Architect and Senior Technical Consultant in Davanti’s Marketing Services team to find out more about how Datorama helps organisations get closer to their customers.

Richard Brown, Head of Marketing Services, says:

“We are really excited to be a Datorama partner, working with organisations to create an end-to-end marketing insights engine that gives a holistic view of their marketing data and performance.

Datorama works seamlessly within the Salesforce ecosystem and is a hugely powerful tool for organisations, helping them to make every marketing decision data driven. With Datorama, organisations can quickly and easily bring together relevant data to see what’s working and what isn’t, and to act, learn and improve – all in the name of putting time and effort into the right areas, in the right way, to drive better customer engagement and achieve improved marketing ROI in the process.

We’re also really excited to have Zamaan qualified as a Datorama Solution Architect. In addition to the Datorama expertise he brings to our customers, Zamaan has a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the full spectrum of Salesforce technologies. He also has a real passion and appreciation for data and a track record helping organisations – and specifically marketing leaders within these organisations – to measure and understand it. In bringing these three things together – Zamaan’s Datorama qualifications, his Salesforce knowledge and his pedigree in the data and marketing arena – Zamaan and Davanti’s Marketing Services team are uniquely placed to help our customers really take their marketing to the next level, and to optimise every investment they make.”

Zamaan Shah, Senior Technical Consultant and Datorama Solution Architect

Zamaan Shah, Senior Technical Consultant and Datorama Solution Architect


Tell us about Datorama. How does it help organisations get closer to their customers?

Datorama is a marketing intelligence and data visualisation tool, built and designed by marketers, for marketers. Traditionally, marketing data sets aren’t easy to bring together and typically known and unknown data is hard to combine.

The beautiful thing about Datorama is that it puts a marketing lens on the data aggregation process and makes bringing data together into one place really easy. It takes all the hard work out of it, which means that marketers can spend more time focusing on how their marketing is working and how it’s affecting customers. They can spend more time with customers, and less time trying to wrangle data.

Datorama reduces effort and barriers to getting real insights, and provides a centralised system, with everything in one place. People can jump in and slice and dice the data to give them the view they need, when they need it, rather than having to navigate different systems (and probably a few spreadsheets along the way!). It saves a huge amount of time and it’s easy to maintain. Everything is integrated and configured so that data remains current through live feeds, and can be handled and managed by almost anyone.


Tell us a bit more about Davanti’s Datorama partnership – what does it mean for Davanti’s customers?

In a nutshell, the partnership with Datorama, and the longstanding and very close relationship we have with Salesforce, means we are surrounded by and have premium access to the very best technology support and insights, and can bring this to our customers to ensure implementation and integration is seamless and that their solutions are world class.

It means that the Davanti team can keep working closely with our customers to drive new insights and uncover new opportunities, closely connected to our partners, which gives our customers complete confidence that they’re getting the very best support and technology leadership for their solutions.

Trust is also critically important for our customers, especially when it comes to data. This trust is integral to us in everything we do, with every customer. Trust also underpins the Datorama platform, helping organisations move between known and unknown data with the utmost integrity.


You’ve recently qualified as a Datorama Solution Architect. Tell us a bit about what this means.

It’s pretty exciting! The qualification process entailed a five-day bootcamp during the first lockdown, and it was the first virtual Datorama Solution Architect bootcamp. It was incredibly valuable and means we are supported by everything we could possibly need to create best practice solutions for our customers.


What happens next for Davanti and Datorama?

We have a lot of really exciting things planned… Our goal in life is to help our customers get closer to their customers, and we want to make measurable, optimised, data driven marketing simple and easy for our customers. We want to make sure they get this value quickly and that the platform and tools are well adopted by everyone in the team.

Right now we’re working closely with Salesforce and Datorama on a pretty awesome proof of concept that will allow organisations see ROI from the Datorama platform within four weeks and ensure that the toolset is well adopted by the Marketing team so the organisation is set up for success, in a position where they can constantly measure and optimise, creating the best customer connection and seeing real impact from their marketing spend.

We’ll share more information on this soon, so watch this space!

It’s also worth mentioning that Datorama’s annual free (and virtual) Limitless conference is happening on October 22. Focused on the state of the current marketing landscape and the role marketing intelligence and data plays, the event is the perfect opportunity for Datorama users, and those considering Datorama, to hear from Salesforce leadership, learn from inspiring trailblazers and see the latest Datorama product innovations. You can register for this here.


Tell us about you and your time with Davanti…

As Senior Technical Consultant in our Marketing Services team, I’ve worked on a number of Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementations for New Zealand enterprises. My mission in life is to make sure that marketing efforts and data are optimised, and that Marketing Cloud is established as an important tool to help better understand the customer and boost and track marketing performance.

In my time with Davanti, I’ve also had the chance to work on a number of research-based projects, helping large government organisations with things like business segmentation analysis.

At university I did a degree in statistical programming, computer science and psychology, with a focus on experimentation, human-centred design and social psychology. This has set me up well for where I am now, focusing on helping organisations to bring together humans, technology and data.

Outside of work I’m a huge gamer and all-round nerd. My favourite things to do are play World of Warcraft, re-watch Lord of the Rings or catch up on comics – nothing out of the ordinary!



Zamaan Shah is a Senior Technical Consultant in Davanti’s Marketing Services team and Davant’s Datorama Solution Architect